Use of eminence in Sentences. 29 Examples

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eminence at the end of sentence

  1. She was brought into eminence.
  2. We are a young world, your eminence.
  3. Beveridge was a man of great eminence.
  4. Let me understand this, your eminence.
  5. Nevertheless, he occupied a moral eminence.
  6. Unmerciful edge of at innocent frontal eminence.
  7. With little effort, he attained political eminence.
  8. How would you take these so-called taxes, your eminence?
  9. She was strongly committed to her job, a policewoman by eminence.
  10. De Mille has a perspective that comes only with age and eminence.
  11. It could equally be phrased in a way that fits in more with the way of eminence.
  12. She had no Cabinet intimate and seemed increasingly isolated on her lofty eminence.
  13. Prior to the 1830s, personal morality had not been seen as necessary for political eminence.
  14. Shakespeare provides a particular problem for radical critics who ideologically object to eminence.
  15. Tilak and Gokhale were dead, and the Mahatma had been lifted by the people to the pinnacle of eminence.
  16. There are exceptions, of course; anyone can quote the names of a few specialists who have attained local or even national eminence.

eminence in the middle of sentence

  1. Few could have predicted that she would reach eminence as a surgeon.
  2. Many of the pilots were to achieve eminence in the aeronautical world.
  3. I have neither wealth, eminence in my profession, nor high social position.
  4. The family was of some eminence in Hull and especially in the Hull Trinity House.
  5. Are we to conclude therefore that eminence can not be allowed as a yardstick of creativity?
  6. It is made annually for eminence in organic chemistry and includes a monetary prize of £2000.
  7. The networks set up by De Gaulle's eminence grise, Jacques Foccart, were replaced or strengthened.
  8. Filaret owed his eminence less to his holy office than to his son's willingness to treat him as a co-ruler.
  9. Borusa had no wish to become president, instead preferring to operate as an eminence grise behind the scenes.
  10. Of course, his own eminence contributed to his isolation, but he also chose solitude as his appropriate fate.
  11. In 1861 Crookes made the discovery which brought him the necessary eminence; he identified the new element thallium.
  12. Every barrister is entitled and expected to address other practising barristers of whatever eminence by their surnames.
  13. The wealth of Worcester, its size and eminence in the textile industry not withstanding, showed similar characteristics.

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