Use of renown in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include renown at the start of sentence, renown at the end of sentence and renown in the middle of sentence

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renown at the end of sentence

  1. He is a man of high renown.
  2. He is an artist of great renown.
  3. Mailly's work achieved little renown.
  4. She used to be a singer of some renown.
  5. Seldom has a city gained such world renown.
  6. A number of our past students have achieved political renown.
  7. Meanwhile Malekith had begun his many journeys and won renown.
  8. And away he went, crashing through their bed to victory and renown.
  9. Grown to young manhood, Krishna killed his tyrant uncle and won universal renown.
  10. They travelled to Portsmouth, where they embarked on the battle cruiser HMS renown.
  11. Molyneux built on Richmond's earlier successes and became a figure of public renown.
  12. The quality of Ba or Bau was possessed by the king during his lifetime and refers to is power and renown.
  13. She begins her career under the tutelage of her father, another artist of some talent but not much renown.

renown in the middle of sentence

  1. He won renown as a pianist.
  2. He won renown as a fair judge.
  3. Her renown spread across the country.
  4. He has won world renown for his films.
  5. His renown has spread throughout the country.
  6. He achieved some renown as a football player.
  7. He has apprenticed to become a world renown gambler.
  8. His renown as a reporter spread throughout the country.
  9. Speakers of international renown will attend the conference.
  10. Its pecan pie enjoys some renown in these here parts as well.
  11. The general's victories won him renown throughout the country.
  12. There was Lord Scarman of liberal renown, but also Lord Devlin.
  13. Now, you're a plants-woman of no small renown, if I may say so, your ladyship.
  14. He was jealous of Voltaire's renown, but his judgment of him, not entirely favourable, was sound enough.
  15. Three women were to achieve national renown in this decade, two of them as sculptors, and one as Christmas-card Laureate.

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