Use of article in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include article at the start of sentence, article at the end of sentence and article in the middle of sentence

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article at the end of sentence

  1. A tag was attached to each article.
  2. She quoted from a newspaper article.
  3. I'd better bash on with this article.
  4. What reduction will you make on this article?
  5. Who owns/holds the copyright on this article?
  6. She made several interesting points in the article.
  7. The editor omitted the third paragraph from the article.

article in the middle of sentence

  1. They are in breach of article 119.
  2. His article is stuffed with cliche.
  3. The author of the article is nameless.
  4. The article was full of racist undertones.
  5. The article is rather technical in places.
  6. His article was crowded out of the magazine.
  7. Your article brought back sad memories for me.
  8. The article makes too many false presumptions.
  9. The article accurately reflects public opinion.
  10. Her article brilliantly demolishes his argument.
  11. An article in the newspaper caught my attention.
  12. He looked through the article and handed it back.
  13. The loanwords written in your article were overdone.
  14. The article is a slander on ordinary working people.
  15. The article embodied all his opinions on the incident.
  16. The article uses rather specialized musical terminology.
  17. The article trivializes the whole issue of equal rights.
  18. The article describes the chronological sequence of events.
  19. The paper's leading article described the government as weak.
  20. I've been struggling to understand this article all afternoon
  21. The newspaper article caused the actor considerable distress.
  22. The article was misleading, and the newspaper has apologized.

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