Use of expose in Sentences. 29 Examples

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expose in the middle of sentence

  1. Don't expose it to the sun.
  2. Do not expose it to the sun.
  3. Don't expose undeveloped film to light.
  4. Do not expose babies to strong sunlight.
  5. The battery would expose as being overcharged.
  6. My job as a journalist is to expose the truth.
  7. I'm afraid I might expose my real feelings for him.
  8. When Myra told Karp she'd expose his past, he blew up.
  9. We must expose this shameful activity to the newspapers.
  10. She was careful enough not to expose her skin to the sun.
  11. No one wants to expose themselves, lay their feelings bare.
  12. The corrupt official bought off those who might expose him.
  13. He did not want to expose his fears and insecurity to anyone.
  14. The surgeon cut through connective tissue to expose the bone.
  15. He lifted his T-shirt to expose a jagged scar across his chest.
  16. The newspaper published an expose of the film star's past life.
  17. She threatened to publicly expose his double life if he left her.
  18. We want to expose the kids to as much art and culture as possible.
  19. The Budget does expose the lies ministers were telling a year ago.
  20. I'm afraid to expose my innermost thoughts and emotions to anyone.
  21. By bathing in unclean water, they expose themselves to contamination.
  22. He threatened to expose the racism that existed within the police force.
  23. It's the job of the newspapers to expose the wrongs suffered by such people.
  24. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.
  25. The plaster on the walls has been removed to expose the original bricks underneath.
  26. The portrait painter had the power to massage the king's ego or to expose his flaws.
  27. It is unwise to expose yourself by trying to do something that is too difficult for you.
  28. The film is about a young police-officer and his struggle to expose corruption in the force.
  29. Altman strips away the pretence and mythology to expose the film industry as a business like any other.

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