Use of stipulation in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include stipulation at the start of sentence, stipulation at the end of sentence and stipulation in the middle of sentence

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stipulation at the end of sentence

  1. The German Government accepted this stipulation.
  2. The general L / C usually bears this stipulation.
  3. Policy three : Adjustment common reserve fund loan stipulation.
  4. Caste divisions became blurred; occupation, status, wealth and influence were no longer commensurate with each other or in accordance with legal stipulation.

stipulation in the middle of sentence

  1. Is there any stipulation as regards qualifications?
  2. This stipulation executes date from the announcement.
  3. In the official document this stipulation is deleted.
  4. There's no stipulation as to the amount you can invest.
  5. Clifford's only stipulation is that his clients obey his advice.
  6. You need to give careful thought to any such stipulation before accepting it.
  7. The only stipulation the building society makes is that house must be insured.
  8. The only stipulation is that the topic you choose must be related to your studies.
  9. The company agreed to hire the law firm, with the stipulation that they hire more women lawyers.
  10. We're after election limericks, with the only stipulation that entries should scan conventionally.
  11. Partnerships are a legal stipulation for law firms, and, with unlimited liability, a burden for many.
  12. Though they respectively bear their own special stipulation , they are dialectically unified in nature.
  13. The agreement included a stipulation that half of the money be spent on housing for lower-income families.
  14. He favored recognition of Texas independence with the stipulation that she not join with the United States.
  15. The only stipulation is that the topic must have some relationship to business activity or current affairs.
  16. This is simply a more formal statement of the stipulation that, on average, expectations should be realized.
  17. Also null and void is any stipulation releasing a partner from playing an active role in running the business.
  18. He left all his money to the town with the stipulation that it should be used to build a new football stadium.
  19. The agreement included a stipulation that half of the money had to be spent on housing for lower-income families.
  20. For the record: Mister Bigelow has presented a proposed stipulation of agreed facts, always appreciated in protracted cases.
  21. I have already mentioned the stipulation that before l could qualify for married status I should have passed two language exams.
  22. The only stipulation the Newcastle makes is that borrowers take out the society's Homecover buildings and contents insurance. 6.
  23. Second, non-compliance with regulatory rules may be a ground upon which the court will refuse to enforce a stipulation of confidence.
  24. Import of foreign technology was encouraged, with the stipulation that 90 percent of licensed parts be produced domestically within five years.
  25. The transmission of teledata adopts the communication stipulation based on TCP/IP protocol, which makes the data transmission fast, steady-going and credible and security strong.

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