Use of wage in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include wage at the start of sentence, wage at the end of sentence and wage in the middle of sentence

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wage at the start of sentence

  1. Wage rates depend on levels of productivity.
  2. Wage increases are being kept to a minimum because of the recession.

wage at the end of sentence

  1. He earns a good wage .
  2. All we are asking for is a fair wage.
  3. He travailed hard for his daily wage.
  4. The church no longer paid a living wage .
  5. The president has proposed a hike in the minimum wage.
  6. The employers and strikers had deadlocked over the wage.
  7. The government supported the unions in their demand for a minimum wage.

wage in the middle of sentence

  1. The union demands a 7% wage hike.
  2. He is the only wage earner in the family.
  3. Most wage claims are settled by compromise.
  4. The meeting deadlocked over the wage issue.
  5. Inflation has gobbled up our wage increases.
  6. The minimum wage was set at £3.20 an hour.
  7. The staff have agreed to a voluntary wage freeze .
  8. Rises in prices feed through to higher wage claims.
  9. The union had sought a wage increase and a shorter work week.
  10. They work long hours in order to take home a fat wage packet.
  11. Everyone should be entitled to a decent wage/standard of living.
  12. Such measures are needed to equalize wage rates between countries.
  13. Raising the minimum wage would ratchet up real incomes in general.
  14. We've decided to negotiate with the employers about our wage claim.
  15. Women have yet to achieve wage or occupational parity in many fields.
  16. The government would not intervene in private-sector wage bargaining.
  17. He gets/earns/is paid a good wage, because he works for a fair employer.
  18. Rampant inflation means that our wage increases soon become worth nothing.
  19. The government exacts taxes from every wage earner above a certain level of income.
  20. The real wage is measured along the horizontal axis and the quantity of labour is measured along the vertical axis.

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