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vest at the end of sentence

  1. Maybe she forgot to put on the life vest.
  2. Kathy pulled her arms inside the life vest.
  3. The cyclists were all dressed in tight lycra shorts and the official team vest.
  4. Right now Teal was understated and still capable of playing things close to the vest.
  5. He ran into more trouble during the cheque presentation on the players balcony when he appeared in a vest.
  6. Had she been favored with a Sweet 16 gala, the Phoenix miss would have taken her bows wearing a bulletproof vest.

vest in the middle of sentence

  1. You'd better wear a vest under a coat.
  2. He wore a woolen vest beneath his shirt.
  3. He wore a woollen vest beneath his shirt.
  4. A blue vest over that shirt would look great.
  5. She was dressed only in a vest and underpants.
  6. His shirt was so thin that his vest showed through .
  7. She always wore a long-sleeved thermal vest in winter.
  8. Most medical research probably will be spared, vest said.
  9. Tabitha was also wearing a white vest and Helena a shirt.
  10. The basic forms of jacket, vest, and breeches developed slowly.
  11. The vest is simplicity itself, with a scoop neck front and back.
  12. And then Hardin withdrew a two-credit coin from his vest pocket.
  13. In the case of bankruptcy, the property shall vest in the trustee.
  14. He wore a vest top and a pair of luminous shorts to the beach party.
  15. He took out a flask from his vest pocket and poured it into the glass.
  16. Looking at him in the dim light I saw he was clad only in vest and pants.
  17. Her body was swathed in towels, except for the gap where her vest was pulled up.
  18. I still think of this when I rip up an old vest for a piece of silver-polishing rag.
  19. She loaded the oars and gas can and life vest, then turned to close the boathouse doors.
  20. Call John Girling on for your free running vest, car sticker, sweatband and sponsor form.
  21. The outboard was gone, too, and the gas can and the orange life vest and the two fiberglass oars.
  22. I was very glad of my thermal vest, three layers of woollies, and waterproof and windproof outer garments.
  23. He searched every pocket, and the pockets in the buff-colored vest, for a garage ticket, but he found none.

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