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singlet at the end of sentence

  1. Sweat beaded on my brow, gathered under my arms, dampened the front of my singlet.
  2. Had he looked a little closer he would have been more concerned about the tall, thin guy in the singlet.

singlet in the middle of sentence

  1. I'd like singlet Shanghai.
  2. Fig. 2 Spacial distribution of singlet oxygen.
  3. The basic state of carbene is singlet or triplet.
  4. He was wearing a blue silk singlet and boxer shorts.
  5. I put on a singlet and a pair of nylon running shorts.
  6. A fat man in a white singlet barged in, then barged out again.
  7. Through a tear in the singlet I could see his rib bones sticking out.
  8. In moments he was kitted out in a singlet and a pair of running shorts.
  9. The sweat was still pouring out of me, and my shorts and singlet were soaked.
  10. Studies on a range of alternative singlet forms of basic hydrocarbons have been done.
  11. The structure features and problems of discharge singlet oxygen generators are introduced.
  12. We set up an apparatus in which pairs of protons, A and B, are produced in a singlet state.
  13. Wu Tak Seng himself is sitting on a varnished wooden chair in his doorway, in singlet and baggy shorts.
  14. Yet here was Gardner, muscles bulging through his blue singlet, gaining support from the and gaining hope.
  15. Self-destructive Melissa, that kooky chick who sometimes wore braces over a singlet to hold up her baggy pants.
  16. The singlet vertical excited states of free-base porphin(FBP)have been investigated by TDDFT, ZINDO and INDO /S.
  17. The two - phase model ( TPM ) is proved to be available in calculation of jet singlet oxygen generator ( JSOG ).
  18. He looked imploringly at the chief who stood soaked in a tom singlet beside the far watertight door, shaking his head.
  19. Methods 46 cases singlet hilum of lung and mediastinal lymphadenectasis were analyzed by normal chest CT and enhanced scanning of chest.
  20. In this article the laser fluorescence spectra and the singlet oxygen relative quantum yield of hematoporphyrin and its derivatives are deter- mined.
  21. The change of photosensitizer diffuse characteristic have a great effect on the producing of singlet oxygen in epidermis and dermis, but no use in vessel.
  22. The theory is that the world's biggest atom smasher might be able to unleash the Higgs singlet - a particle that could appear before the collision that produced it.
  23. The decomposition reaction is endothermic reaction for the ground state of hydrazine, but it is exothermic reaction for the first excited singlet state of hydrazine.
  24. An agent for eliminating singlet oxygen which comprises a colloidal solution of a platinum group metal; and a composition comprising the agent as an effective component.
  25. The comparison of two channels of the reaction of singlet carbene with ozone indicates that channel 2 is not only strongly spontaneous but also easy to take place kinetically.

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