Use of terminology in Sentences. 29 Examples

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terminology at the end of sentence

  1. I don't understand scientific terminology.
  2. Many would beg to differ with his terminology.
  3. Understand the acronyms and unique terminology.
  4. This nomenclature tends to confuse the terminology.
  5. It's couched in such very user-unfriendly terminology.
  6. The article uses rather specialized musical terminology.
  7. The disagreement arose over a difference use of terminology.
  8. I mean this was the scene we were all at, to use the then terminology.
  9. One of the hardest things when studying linguistics is learning all the right terminology.
  10. Most readers are likely to lose interest when he descends into the realms of rhetorical terminology.

terminology in the middle of sentence

  1. The exact terminology eludes me for the moment.
  2. The new terminology will quickly become pejorative.
  3. There is considerable imprecision in the terminology used.
  4. He particularly criticized the terminology in the document.
  5. The outer walls, in building terminology, are "double skin".
  6. We close with one or two remarks on terminology and notation.
  7. Research expanded; neural net-work terminology came into its own.
  8. Teachers find the report's terminology so indefinite that it is confusing.
  9. In biological terminology life is divided into two groups: plants and animals.
  10. Even more bizarre was the terminology the firm used to describe its internal problems.
  11. But the significance of what was at stake in this shift in terminology needs to be spelled out.
  12. On one occasion, a commission on terminology adopted 37, 795 new expressions in a single decree.
  13. Words like these are borrowed, l believe, from business terminology, from marketing and advertising firms.
  14. The manager may not use this terminology, but the data analyst will be able to interpret the comments made.
  15. We also reject the belief that knowing how to use terminology in which to speak of language is undesirable.
  16. This paper put information theory on the map, establishing terminology and a framework that are still used today.
  17. The consequence in the terminology of Berle and Means is that there is a separation between ownership and control.
  18. In the Comstock-Needham system the terminology of the cells is derived from the veins which form their anterior margins.
  19. To employ Popper's terminology, it is to move from the world of subjective knowledge to the world of objective knowledge.

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