Use of vocabulary in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include vocabulary at the start of sentence, vocabulary at the end of sentence and vocabulary in the middle of sentence

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vocabulary at the end of sentence

  1. He has a wide vocabulary .
  2. He has a very large vocabulary.
  3. Try to develop a wide vocabulary.
  4. Reading will enlarge your vocabulary.
  5. Reading will increase your vocabulary.
  6. The English language is rich in vocabulary.
  7. The word 'failure' is not in his vocabulary .
  8. Most technical jobs use a specialized vocabulary.
  9. The word has become part of advertising vocabulary.
  10. Computing, like any subject, has its own vocabulary.
  11. When did the word 'bungalow' first enter the vocabulary?
  12. The teacher made us slog through long lists of vocabulary.
  13. Reading is one of the best ways of improving your vocabulary.

vocabulary in the middle of sentence

  1. His English vocabulary is limited.
  2. English has a rich vocabulary and literature.
  3. A child's vocabulary expands through reading.
  4. Tim has an average vocabulary for a 3-year-old.
  5. His speech is immature, his vocabulary limited.
  6. Charlie Parker expanded the vocabulary of jazz.
  7. A vocabulary index is included for easy reference.
  8. English has the largest vocabulary of any language.
  9. His vocabulary was sound and his grammar excellent.
  10. Learners of languages acquire vocabulary through practice.
  11. Some of the technical vocabulary may be unfamiliar to you.
  12. Specialized vocabulary is used in all the major disciplines.
  13. The basic vocabulary of a language is those words that must be learnt.
  14. Use spidergrams to organise your English vocabulary into different subjects.
  15. By the age of two a child will have a vocabulary of about two hundred words.
  16. I have to say, I don't have much time for the pseudy vocabulary of wine snobs.

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