Use of swill in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include swill at the start of sentence, swill at the end of sentence and swill in the middle of sentence

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swill at the start of sentence

  1. Swill the car with clear water.

swill at the end of sentence

  1. What the fug is that swill?
  2. Where did you get this monkey swill?

swill in the middle of sentence

  1. Do you swill out the milkpan?
  2. Please swill out the dirty basin.
  3. We heard the swill of flood waters.
  4. You feed them swill and such stuff?
  5. Give the pail a good swill ( out ) .
  6. Get a bucket to swill the yard down.
  7. He does nothing but swill beer all day.
  8. Don't swill the tealeaves out into the sink.
  9. Give the sink a quick swill to get it clean.
  10. This swill is awful. Please give me some beer.
  11. The Channel swill chopped and slapped all around.
  12. I wouldn't know though, I swill have much to learn.
  13. I throw what's left down the sink and swill out the flask.
  14. Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.
  15. The dentist handed me a glass of water to swill my mouth out with.
  16. Don't forget to swill out the bottle before returning it to the milkman.
  17. Strain off the surplus fat and swill out the pan with the wine and stock.
  18. He preferred, he said, to submerge himself in the urban swill, or be in deep country.
  19. Remarkably, they can still swill and swagger at the same time, weaving toward an exit.
  20. Dead rats, floating in the brown swill of beer with teeth bared in a last deathly snarl.
  21. The beer was just warm swill, and he drank it because Arthur put it down in front of him.
  22. Leslie swill attend to students'intonation, coordination and accent of speaking attentively.
  23. Father has asked me to swill down the garage floor, but I wanted to read the interesting novel.
  24. Nietzsche criticizes Platonism and Christianity by changing Schopenhauer swill to live into will to power.
  25. Without his casual left guard he was bucket swill, the ugly effluvia that boxers deposit from their lacerated mouths between rounds.

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