Use of quaff in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include quaff at the start of sentence, quaff at the end of sentence and quaff in the middle of sentence

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quaff at the start of sentence

  1. Quaffed from the spring.
  2. Quaffed the ale with gusto.
  3. Quaff at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water, the common wisdom goes, or you'll suffer the consequences: flagging energy, dry skin, lowered disease resistance, even constipation.

quaff at the end of sentence

  1. With aromas of citrus and flowers, this white wine is a perfect every day quaff.

quaff in the middle of sentence

  1. They quaffed him carouse.
  2. Wedding guests quaffed champagne.
  3. His quaff , did a cup again then.
  4. I went down to the bar to quaff a brew.
  5. They spent the evening quaffing champagne.
  6. The young man quaffed himself into tipsiness.
  7. The bridegroom quaffed down a glass of brandy.
  8. He's quaffed many a glass of champagne in his time.
  9. The chauffeurs don hats and quaff their drinks in one.
  10. Let me quaff this kind Nepenthe and forget this lost Lenore!
  11. Finish saying and quaff in one gulp the brandy in the glass.
  12. Say and approve to come back and then quaff in 1 gulp brandy in cup.
  13. We crave new knowledge like some people quaff coffee after a hangover.
  14. Finishes with milk chocolate notes. A good quaff for roast pork or barbecue fare.
  15. Yet, if death be in this cup, I bid thee think again, ere thou beholdest me quaff it.
  16. Life tastes much the same, whether we quaff it from a golden goblet or drink it out of a stone mug.
  17. There, with several farmers of his ilk,(.com/quaff.html) he quaffed pint after pint of good Berkshire ale.
  18. The people we asked didn't much fancy the idea of eating lasagne and quaffing Lambrusco in an old lavatory.
  19. A score of Brother witnesses sat on elevated thrones quaffing from other such steins, brought by Servitors.
  20. Thousand if the Xi lightly says, she raises wine cup, stares at a long time and raises to quaff in one gulp.
  21. Usually the light liquor's intensity is not strong, them are soft and pure, cool and sweet, so you can quaff it.
  22. Yet, if death be in this cup, I bid thee think again, ere thou beholdest me quaff it. See! It is even now at my lips.
  23. When employees of Mitsubishi Corporation, a huge trading house, go on a beer binge they are (informally) required to quaff Kirin—a company under Mitsubishi's wing.
  24. Pass by, drink a white spirit in the Chinese food, the bottoms up has to quaff in one gulp, don't remain remnants alcoholic inside the cup, need not be must such then now.

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