Use of sluice in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include sluice at the start of sentence, sluice at the end of sentence and sluice in the middle of sentence

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sluice at the end of sentence

  1. Just opposite the point where the brook which runs past Lawrence's old home joins the Erewash itself stands a mill sluice.

sluice in the middle of sentence

  1. At last the sluice gates were lowered.
  2. We opened the sluice and water poured in.
  3. Culvert and sluice block and sluice water.
  4. They sluice the streets down every morning.
  5. A filled-in marsh is a sluice for sediment.
  6. We opened the sluice and the water poured in.
  7. Another sluice gate keeps floodwater out of the lake.
  8. New sluice gates hold out the sea water at high tides.
  9. City sweepers sluice down Telegraph Street every morning.
  10. The sanitation worker has to sluice the steps down every day.
  11. The sluice gates are lifted by chains on old fashioned rollers.
  12. A major practice is to sluice through pipelines to settling pond.
  13. We had to sluice out the garage to get rid of the smell of petrol.
  14. I follow her in, sluice around, dry up(.com/sluice.html), come and fetch her.
  15. The defeat opened the sluice gates and venom flowed through in raging torrents.
  16. The water was fed to the mill through a cast iron sluice box set in the back wall.
  17. The moment the prison doors closed behind Gandhi the sluice gates of violence opened.
  18. It is only responsible for the reservoir itself and for the sluice gates, says Maxwell.
  19. Convenience sluice gate rapidly, energy, fluid resistance small, you can always operate.
  20. This picturesque beauty however, was terminated by the walls and sluice gates of the old mill.
  21. As the tide rose, water was forced back up the Westbury Brook and held back by the sluice gates.
  22. Analyze load behavior of sluice with method of - dimension - linearity finite - element method. 6.
  23. Torrents of water pour into the Ouse River System, sluice gates open and excess water floods the meadows.
  24. Mills were often built on an estuary where the water could be trapped upstream at high tide by sluice gates.
  25. The sluice receives the product in a charged manner via the charging door and allows it to pass into the oven.
  26. The sluice gates holding back a bottomless reservoir of blood are creaking open, spattering the country with thick, viscous dollops.
  27. He smiled without humour when Frankie sucked at the soap-filled cloth in order to sluice the taste of rancid beck-water from his mouth.
  28. Water was conducted into the meadow via artificially constructed channels and elaborate sluice gates and allowed to flow across the grass.

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