Use of stay in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include stay at the start of sentence, stay at the end of sentence and stay in the middle of sentence

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stay at the start of sentence

  1. Stay and have lunch. I insist!

stay at the end of sentence

  1. How long do you plan to stay?
  2. We enjoyed every minute of our stay.
  3. They managed to find a place to stay.
  4. Can he fix us up with somewhere to stay?
  5. She is looking for a permanent place to stay.

stay in the middle of sentence

  1. He that can stay obtains.
  2. I plan to stay for a week.
  3. Can't you stay a little longer?
  4. The main thing is to stay calm.
  5. Did you stay up late last night?
  6. She works very hard to stay slim.
  7. Am I allowed to stay out past 10?
  8. They're coming to stay for a week.
  9. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  10. Do you want to go out or stay home?
  11. Would you like to stay on the line?
  12. We'll stay at home if it rains. .com
  13. Please send me to stay in the best time.
  14. It took a lot of willpower to stay calm.
  15. She had to steal food just to stay alive.
  16. Try to stay alert while driving at night.
  17. I'm in terrible rush. I can't stay to talk.
  18. Why does nothing ever stay tidy around here?
  19. His parents won't allow him to stay out late.
  20. Whether we can stay in this situation is debatable.
  21. An overnight stay at a friend's house disorients me.

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