Use of stop in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include stop at the start of sentence, stop at the end of sentence and stop in the middle of sentence

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stop at the start of sentence

  1. Stop that or you'll get hurt!
  2. Stop teasing her, you little fiend!
  3. Stop messing about and listen to me.
  4. Stop beefing about the price increase.
  5. Stop being so silly and immature, Ben!
  6. Stop fucking around and give me a hand.
  7. Stop talking in riddles -say what you mean.
  8. Stop dithering and choose which one you want!
  9. Stop wriggling and let me put your T-shirt on.
  10. Stop larking about and get down to the problem.
  11. Stop whingeing about the situation and accept it.
  12. Stop being a chicken and try the rollercoaster ride!
  13. Stop worrying about their marriage-it isn't your problem.

stop in the middle of sentence

  1. You can stop it out of my money.
  2. Would you tell me what the next stop is?
  3. Now, let's stop pissing about, shall we?
  4. We must stop him from seeing her somehow.
  5. The blood coagulates to stop wounds bleeding.
  6. Tell the boy to stop messing around upstairs.
  7. Kept diaries, not stop what is pen, or memory.
  8. I hoped he would stop asking awkward questions .
  9. Nothing will stop them in their quest for truth.
  10. The express train does not stop at this station.
  11. You are a confounded nuisance. stop pestering me.
  12. She could not stop those balls from rolling round.
  13. Please stop making that noise?it's getting annoying.
  14. If you don't stop disturbing,your buttocks would be spanked.

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