Use of halt in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include halt at the start of sentence, halt at the end of sentence and halt in the middle of sentence

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halt at the end of sentence

  1. The car come to a halt.
  2. The car comes to a halt.
  3. The bus jerked to a halt.
  4. The bus jolted to a halt.
  5. The car skidded to a halt.
  6. The car squealed to a halt.
  7. The train jerked to a halt.
  8. The truck braked to a halt.
  9. The bus shuddered to a halt.
  10. The bicycle brakes to a halt.
  11. The car screeched to a halt .
  12. The train juddered to a halt.
  13. The bus came to an abrupt halt.
  14. The train shuddered to a halt .
  15. He reined in his horse to a halt.
  16. The thought brought her to an abrupt halt.
  17. Heavy snowfalls brought traffic to a halt .
  18. The car made a strange noise and then jerked to a halt.
  19. Then the rain came and the red flag went up to signal a halt.
  20. When the children's play got too noisy, their mother called a halt.

halt in the middle of sentence

  1. Don't halt here.Move on, move on!
  2. The sentry cried "halt" as he saw us.
  3. The taxi skidded to a halt just in time.
  4. We must halt this decline in health services.
  5. The bus came to an abrupt halt outside the school.
  6. The government has failed to halt economic decline.
  7. He called for a halt to the recent wave of emigration.
  8. A black Mercedes screeched to a halt beside the helicopter.
  9. Who can halt Woods' inexorable progress towards yet another championship?

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