Use of sophistication in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include sophistication at the start of sentence, sophistication at the end of sentence and sophistication in the middle of sentence

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sophistication at the end of sentence

  1. The decor has a cool sophistication.
  2. Maureen was the epitome of sophistication.
  3. She tried to cultivate an air of sophistication.
  4. She spoke simply and directly, without sophistication.
  5. Gary Regan: Ah, martini: The very word denotes sophistication.
  6. He felt people were contemptuous of his lack of sophistication.
  7. She was a simple girl, easily impressed by Tom's sophistication.
  8. Barry had his nose put out of joint by Lucy's aloof sophistication.
  9. Fur coats were considered to be the height of fashion and sophistication .
  10. She adopted an upper-class accent to give herself a veneer of sophistication.
  11. Dorothy Parker's writing is characterized by a trenchant wit and sophistication.
  12. They are painted with a rumbustious panache-or, looked at another way, with a gauche lack of sophistication.

sophistication in the middle of sentence

  1. Under our sophistication we are simple souls.
  2. Maturity and emotional sophistication can't be faked.
  3. Her sophistication is evident from the way she dresses.
  4. He writes with increasing sophistication on the subject.
  5. His work is a curious blend of sophistication and naivety.
  6. Computers raised the level of sophistication of these maps.
  7. The sophistication of computers is increasing as their size decreases.
  8. Apparently, sophistication and ennui can be easily applied with a brush.
  9. Despite her scruffy clothes, there was an air of sophistication about her.
  10. I loved her combination of cultured sophistication and working-class humor.
  11. James Bond is known for his sophistication, his style and his sense of class.
  12. These actors and directors brought a new sophistication and slickness to modern theatre.
  13. Given the sophistication of modern machines, there is little that cannot be successfully washed at home.
  14. At his side in public Jackie's air of sophistication and chic cultural warmth complemented it perfectly.
  15. The surprising part was the level of sophistication with which the average citizen was mulling his market strategies.
  16. Swift said the growing sophistication among biotech investors presented an opportunity for a more specialist investment fund.

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