Use of refinement in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include refinement at the start of sentence, refinement at the end of sentence and refinement in the middle of sentence

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refinement at the end of sentence

  1. This particular model has a further refinement.
  2. They have also developed one further refinement.
  3. The technology requires a great deal of refinement.
  4. All programs have bugs and need endless refinement.
  5. She's the personification of culture and refinement.
  6. There is much residual truth in these popular conceptions and we shall find them useful, subject to some refinement.

refinement in the middle of sentence

  1. Some further refinement is needed.
  2. The new plan is a refinement of the one before.
  3. His manners showed refinement and good breeding.
  4. A greater refinement of the categorization is possible.
  5. The contract calls for refinement and completion of the aircraft.
  6. The refinement of raw opium yields other drugs, such as morphine.
  7. An early stage of refinement delimited each individual definition.
  8. The kite was star shaped and lacked the refinement of current designs.
  9. To my eyes there was more of strength than refinement in the face ....
  10. The new theory is a refinement of Corbin's theory of personality development.
  11. Some prey species, such as tree squirrels, add a refinement to their freezing behaviour.
  12. She had that mix of refinement and experience that allowed her to say whatever she wanted.
  13. It's yet another refinement to Arena rock and possibly another step further from the fans.
  14. Clearly, the hypothesis does need some refinement, in the light of these surprising results.
  15. The word 'lady' has connotations of refinement and excessive femininity that some women find offensive.
  16. Each reframing represented a further refinement and enrichment of their appreciation for their new role.
  17. It will undoubtedly need further refinement and modification in the light of consultations and of experience.
  18. While those are powerful arguments, more speed, extra refinement and sharper handling would put it right on the pace.
  19. However, we will disregard this refinement for the remainder of the chapter and assume that the discount rate is constant.
  20. Our refinement of these theories will reveal, however, certain defects in their interpretations of the liberal ideal of private autonomy.
  21. What is particularly interesting from the historical viewpoint is the manner in which refinement of the statistical data has altered the record.
  22. Competitive advantage today comes from continuous, incremental innovation and refinement of a variety of ideas that spread throughout the organization.
  23. Essentially this feedforward network uses a refinement of the Widrow-Hoff technique, which calculates the difference between actual outputs and desired outputs.

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