Use of position in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include position at the start of sentence, position at the end of sentence and position in the middle of sentence

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position at the end of sentence

  1. He stood in an upright position.
  2. They offered me a better position.
  3. That puts me in a difficult position.
  4. Ten years had evened up their position.
  5. She is unfit for such a senior position.
  6. This plant prefers a lightly shaded position.
  7. Tim was being groomed for a managerial position.
  8. The union has been forced to modify its position.
  9. Gradually raise your body into an upright position.
  10. The museum is in a financially precarious position.
  11. Herbs need fertile soil and a sunny sheltered position.
  12. No candidate fulfils all the criteria for this position.
  13. The city's success owes much to its geographic position.

position in the middle of sentence

  1. He wasn't in a position to help me.
  2. He attained the position of minister.
  3. Can you find our position on this map?
  4. Consequently we are in the position to...
  5. I'm afraid the position is open to abuse.
  6. He was appointed to a position of trust .
  7. Clay will vacate the position on June 19.
  8. Our position is latitude 40 degrees north.
  9. Our position is latitude 32 degrees north.
  10. His vacation of a good position was unwise.
  11. She was exalted to the position of president.
  12. His beginning position was stylized Sicily Defence.
  13. The generel pinpointed the enemy's position on the map.
  14. Our troops consolidated our position with reinforcements.
  15. The party's position on nuclear weapons is deeply ambivalent.
  16. The position of the house combines quietness and convenience.

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