Use of hiatus in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include hiatus at the start of sentence, hiatus at the end of sentence and hiatus in the middle of sentence

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hiatus at the start of sentence

  1. Hiatus hernia was present in 33 patients.
  2. Hiatus hernia was absent in only one of the nine patients with Barrett's oesophagus.

hiatus at the end of sentence

  1. Gumbel responded by taking a three-day hiatus.
  2. Toplap is evidence of a nonde - positional hiatus.
  3. Such truncation is evidence of an erosional hiatus.
  4. Talks between the two countries have resumed after a six-year hiatus.
  5. Diplomatic efforts to reach a settlement resume today after a two-week hiatus.
  6. The company expects to resume production of the vehicle again after a two - month hiatus.
  7. Christopher then embarked on a diatribe about the difficulties of an expeditionary force in hiatus.

hiatus in the middle of sentence

  1. There was a brief hiatus in the war.
  2. There was a hiatus in his acting life.
  3. After a five-month hiatus, the talks resumed.
  4. They were going on hiatus for about two months.
  5. A hiatus is the total interval of geologic time.
  6. Even a brief hiatus in their supply is intolerable.
  7. MacDowell is enjoying a long hiatus from moviemaking.
  8. And oddly enough, they were discussing the hiatus too.
  9. This hiatus in American science lasted about four years.
  10. They obscure a hiatus in the expansion of Merovingian power.
  11. In fact, Robinson was newly married at the time of his hiatus from coaching.
  12. What might Johnnie say after such a long hiatus, looking upon this transformation?
  13. His knees frequently dislocate and he has a painful hiatus hernia which makes him scream.
  14. A barium meal confirmed a hiatus hernia but the chest pain continued to infiltrate my left arm.
  15. After a one-year hiatus the Honeywell Bracknell Half-marathon is back with a new route and a new date, June 7.
  16. My husband has suffered from heartburn on and off for years and has recently been diagnosed as having a hiatus hernia.
  17. Nine patients had Barrett's oesophagus. hiatus hernia was absent in only one of the nine patients with Barrett's oesophagus.
  18. Smoking and alcohol may promote the reflux inflammation lower oesophageal sphincter dysfunction cycle in those without a hiatus hernia.
  19. Conclusion: The hiatus of canal for greater petrosal nerve and arcuate eminence are important landmarks to defined internal auditory canal.
  20. Severe erosive oesophagitis may be a cause of iron deficiency anaemia but hiatus hernia alone seems unlikely to cause iron deficiency anaemia.

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