Use of interruption in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include interruption at the start of sentence, interruption at the end of sentence and interruption in the middle of sentence

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interruption at the end of sentence

  1. I worked all morning without interruption.
  2. Lock the door to ensure us from interruption.
  3. She spoke for 20 minutes without interruption.
  4. The investigation is proceeding without interruption.
  5. I managed to work for two hours without interruption.
  6. Let's go somewhere where we can talk without interruption.
  7. The speaker was completely thrown off by the interruption.
  8. The ambassador looked somewhat irritated by the interruption.
  9. She looked up at me sharply, clearly nettled by the interruption.
  10. My speech was going well until I was put off my stroke by an interruption.
  11. My speech went quite well until I was put off my stroke by the interruption.
  12. He neither agrees nor disagrees, nor does he answer their objections. 2 Playback of recording without interruption.

interruption in the middle of sentence

  1. This interruption is very annoying.
  2. The interruption fragmented his argument.
  3. An interruption put it quite out of my head.
  4. The sudden interruption stopped Beryl in mid-flow.
  5. He ignored her interruption and carried on talking.
  6. Never mind the interruption; proceed with your story.
  7. There was constant jeering and interruption from the floor.
  8. The birth of her son was a minor interruption to her career.
  9. The game continued after a short interruption because of rain.
  10. Any small interruption is likely to throw me off in my calculations.
  11. We apologize for the interruption to our transmissions this afternoon.
  12. Just then, however, came an interruption which distracted the thoughts of every man there.
  13. Anxious to be rid of the interruption, Madame Weill carefully brought the offending nude inside.
  14. She did not appear from her expression as uncaring of this interruption as the maid would have led Lois to believe.
  15. Most significant of all there is an interruption in registration in 1206 when things were not progressing well for Innocent.
  16. There was a period of comparative stagnation in the nineties and a brief interruption following the financial panic in 1907.
  17. Obviously, without the interruption and relief of the contrasting arpeggio, the accompaniment could never have kept its mordant vitality fresh.

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