Use of gap in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include gap at the start of sentence, gap at the end of sentence and gap in the middle of sentence

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gap at the end of sentence

  1. Measure the length and width of the gap.
  2. He carefully nosed his lorry into the small gap.

gap in the middle of sentence

  1. His death left a huge gap in my life.
  2. The gap seemed to be getting smaller.
  3. I went around the world in my gap year.
  4. Despite the age gap, romance blossomed.
  5. It seems that the trade gap is widening .
  6. Leave a gap between your car and the next.
  7. His death left an enormous gap in my life.
  8. The product has filled a gap in the market.
  9. There is a gap of five miles between towns.
  10. The gap has narrowed to just 12 points now.
  11. There should be a six-inch gap at the bottom.
  12. He filled the gap left by Hirst's retirement.
  13. The children squeezed through a gap in the wall.
  14. The road goes through a gap in/between the hills.
  15. I stood waiting for a gap in the oncoming traffic.
  16. She spent her gap year hitchhiking around the world.
  17. A ray of sunshine shone through a gap in the clouds.
  18. The neighbors' dog got in through a gap in the hedge.
  19. The gap between rich and poor has widened considerably.
  20. The sheep got into the field through a gap in the hedge.
  21. There was only a narrow gap between the bed and the wall.
  22. The gap between the two parties has narrowed considerably.
  23. The gate was locked but we went through a gap in the fence.
  24. There is a credibility gap developing between employers and employees.
  25. The gap in the fence was just wide enough for the sheep to get through.
  26. Savings have been disposed of in order to meet the growing gap between income and expenditure.

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