Use of grade in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include grade at the start of sentence, grade at the end of sentence and grade in the middle of sentence

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grade at the start of sentence

  1. Grade A eggs must be of uniform size.
  2. Grade A potatoes are the best in quality.

grade at the end of sentence

  1. Sam is in second grade.
  2. Billy is in the ninth grade.
  3. My son's in the third grade.
  4. Business is on the up grade.
  5. Jackie is in the sixth grade.
  6. My brother is in the sixth grade.
  7. The trial flight has made the grade.
  8. The train snailed up the steep grade.
  9. The next hill has a real steep grade.
  10. She's still only on a secretarial grade.
  11. He ranks among the best pupils of his grade.
  12. All the materials used were of the highest grade.
  13. Marks from this test count towards your final grade.
  14. Children will learn to multiply in the second grade.

grade in the middle of sentence

  1. I'm in grade One.
  2. What grade are you in?
  3. He got a grade A in maths.
  4. High grade petrol is expensive.
  5. She's got nine GCSEs, all at grade A.
  6. He still wants to play top grade football.
  7. Pupils with 90% or more are awarded grade A.
  8. Jonathon Hill achieved grade A passes at A-level.
  9. He has attained the highest grade in his music exams.
  10. This grade of wool can be sold at a fairly low price.
  11. South Point College does not grade the students' work.
  12. I was just in grade school at the time, but I remember it perfectly.

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