Use of funds in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include funds at the start of sentence, funds at the end of sentence and funds in the middle of sentence

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funds at the end of sentence

  1. Their company was short of funds.
  2. She was accused of misusing company funds.
  3. Our greatest problem is the lack of funds.
  4. They capitalized the company's reserve funds.
  5. Members obediently answered the calls for funds.
  6. The treasurer has eloped with the company's funds.
  7. It was proposed to pay the money from public funds.
  8. They were arrested for embezzlement of company funds.
  9. He has taken a public stand on the issue of misuse of hospital funds.
  10. The government is criticised for not handing on information about missing funds.

funds in the middle of sentence

  1. I'm short of funds so I'll pay you next week.
  2. We diverted funds from armaments to education.
  3. The Government has allocated funds for housing.
  4. The pension funds are administered by commercial banks.
  5. We diverted funds from armaments to health and education.
  6. She had actively solicited funds for her election campaign.
  7. More funds will now be allocated to charitable organizations.
  8. We deprecate this use of company funds for political purposes.
  9. A shortage of funds is preventing the UN from monitoring relief.
  10. They need more funds to modernize the country's telephone system.
  11. Owing to a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year.
  12. They were planning to solicit funds from a number of organizations.
  13. They are always trying to wring additional funds from the government.
  14. The yearly campaign to raise funds for the Red Cross is already under way.
  15. He advanced funds of his own to his company, which was unable to repay him.
  16. I took no money for personal use and have not misappropriated any funds whatsoever.
  17. The funds available for the health service are finite and we cannot afford to waste money.
  18. A mixture of selected funds is an optimum choice for future security and return on investment.
  19. The bulk of the funds are supplied by some of America's largest and most powerful corporations.

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