Use of accost in Sentences. 19 Examples

The examples include accost at the start of sentence, accost at the end of sentence and accost in the middle of sentence

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accost in the middle of sentence

  1. A man had accosted me in the street.
  2. She was accosted by a complete stranger.
  3. It is forbidden accost others while chewing.
  4. Family was touched by him, accost he ate and drink.
  5. She was accosted in the street by a complete stranger.
  6. He ruminated on his defenses before he should accost her father.
  7. No one was near enough to accost her or wonder about her presence.
  8. I'm usually accosted by beggars and drunks as I walk to the station.
  9. Have so an inn, counterjumper very calm ground accost I come in sit.
  10. He was accosted by four youths and forced to give them all his money.
  11. They have been assigned to accost strangers and extract secrets from them.
  12. His benevolent nature prevented him from refusing any beggar who accosted him.
  13. When waiting for crown prince accost to want bread, he just had an opportunity.
  14. A day, the scholar replies a house midday suddenly, accost book child take a book.
  15. Female booking clerk at once enthusiastic accost, call person offer one's seat to sb.
  16. She inched towards him, daring him to move before she had shaken off the latest man to accost her.
  17. They saw him slouch forward after breakfast , and, a mendicant, with outstretched palm, accost a sailor.
  18. A white-faced Mathilda sped by me in the gallery but Benjamin was shouting for me so I decided not to accost her.
  19. The fear of that fate would accost her husband, to the point of rendering him abstinent of the acclivity his potential had held up for him once.

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