Use of wages in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include wages at the start of sentence, wages at the end of sentence and wages in the middle of sentence

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wages at the start of sentence

  1. Wages are paid on Fridays.

wages at the end of sentence

  1. He got a raise in his monthly wages.
  2. Does mass unemployment depress wages?
  3. He busked to supplement his meagre wages.
  4. Tax and insurance are deducted from your wages.
  5. There are extra benefits for people on low wages.
  6. The next big issue confronting the workers is the question of wages.

wages in the middle of sentence

  1. An advance on wages was made.
  2. My wages have increased this year.
  3. A postman's wages are 180 per week.
  4. When wages are high, prices are high.
  5. She eked out her wages by working Sundays.
  6. His wages are three hundred dollars a week.
  7. He received triple wages for all his extra work.
  8. Official statistics show real wages declining by 24%.
  9. My employer deducted ten pounds from my wages this week.
  10. The builders were collecting their wages from the site hut.
  11. Our company has decided to computerize its wages department.
  12. I think your demand for higher wages is perfectly reasonable.
  13. The wages of clerks were on a par with those of manual workers.
  14. The law obliges companies to pay decent wages to their employees.
  15. The principal shall be obliged to pay the wages to the employees.
  16. People earning low wages will find it difficult to pay for childcare.
  17. The corporate giants try to drive down wages in order to make superprofits.
  18. The Great Revolt of 1381 may have been caused by attempts to keep wages down.
  19. The management decided to economise by cutting the dead wood from the workforce[sentence dictionary], thus reducing the wages bill.

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