Use of payoff in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include payoff at the start of sentence, payoff at the end of sentence and payoff in the middle of sentence

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payoff at the end of sentence

  1. An ambassadorship? That's my payoff?
  2. Lots of scurrying around and no payoff.
  3. Is this a momentary indicator with no long-term payoff?
  4. With electric cars there is a big environmental payoff.
  5. The further organizations move along this path, the greater the payoff.

payoff in the middle of sentence

  1. The average payoff to staff was about £2000.
  2. Hard work has a payoff. Laziness pays off now.
  3. The tavern payoff was in return for favors granted.
  4. The right cross is the payoff punch of the entire science.
  5. But companies will have to decide if the payoff is worth the effort.
  6. Here the reward or payoff acts in a negative way and is a form of punishment.
  7. The original payoff for building the railway was a swathe of the adjoining land.
  8. The payoff is not in the end products so much as in the energy that can be tapped.
  9. It has been alleged that the minister received a secret payoff from an arms dealer.
  10. The payoff: The Natural Bedroom agreed to pay about double the going rate for wool.
  11. The ousted chairman received a £1.5 million payoff from the loss-making oil company.
  12. My power, my money, was payoff for a lot of lonely nights in cookie-cutter hotel rooms.
  13. The payoff to the swashbuckling traders, by the standards of the time, was shockingly large.
  14. The payoff for years of research is a microscope which performs better than all of its competitors.
  15. Instead you pick the most likely payoff and test to see if altering it changes the pattern of behaviour.
  16. Suppose that the payoff to all the members of a small group is greater if all cooperate than if all defect.
  17. The police were not to be informed of any of these arrangements or to be involved in the payoff in any way.
  18. There is no immediate payoff for the winter work of planning the garden, but it is vital to success next season.
  19. An additional payoff not to be sneezed at is that lecturers, forced to integrate, begin to rethink their subject!
  20. While the cost of college has obviously climbed over the past twenty years, the payoff has steadily climbed as well.
  21. He picked up a £142,000 payoff from wealthy businessman Braswell when Clinton granted him a pardon on his last day in office.
  22. The real payoff comes when governments deregulate these systems, because they create the basic incentives that drive employees.
  23. Suppose that you decide that the employee's main payoff from constantly telephoning you is that he receives encouragement and reassurance.
  24. Ride There's little payoff in ride quality, despite the excellent damping and body control achieved by the computer-controlled suspension.

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