Use of suborn in Sentences. 9 Examples

The examples include suborn at the start of sentence, suborn at the end of sentence and suborn in the middle of sentence

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suborn in the middle of sentence

  1. He tried to suborn the police.
  2. He was suborned into killing the old Tom.
  3. The president tried to suborn false witnesses.
  4. Drug traders may try to suborn departing persons.
  5. He was charged with conspiracy to suborn witnesses.
  6. If he thinks that he can suborn me, he is grievously in error.
  7. Even now,(sentence dictionary) you seek to suborn my Fish Speakers.
  8. Went behind my back, suborned Max Radl, one of my most trusted aides.
  9. They suborn witnesses to testify that he has spoken against Moses and the Temple.

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