Use of vibration in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include vibration at the start of sentence, vibration at the end of sentence and vibration in the middle of sentence

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vibration at the start of sentence

  1. Vibration displaced part of the mechanism.
  2. Vibration often springs many parts of the bike.
  3. Vibration and pressure devices can be used to output information to the wearer.

vibration at the end of sentence

  1. The microscope must be free from vibration.
  2. Their instruments can detect the slightest vibration.
  3. The bats have graphite shafts that absorb the vibration.
  4. Rhythm of speech can be felt through amplified vibration.
  5. Even at full speed the ship's engines cause very little vibration.
  6. Any equipment on a bare shelf is particularly susceptible to vibration.
  7. The radiation involved is normally of frequency much greater than that of any molecular vibration.
  8. The dervish gyrating on his axis echoes the rotation of the earth and taps the sources of creative vibration.
  9. But, as you will realise, the act of digging down towards the rabbit creates a lot of disturbance and vibration.

vibration in the middle of sentence

  1. The vibration of the window woke me up.
  2. Then the roar and vibration of the incoming train.
  3. This vibration is therefore inactive in the IR spectrum.
  4. The vibration of the engine lulled the children to sleep.
  5. The vibration during operation often caused the nuts to loosen.
  6. Demonstration 1. Begin by writing the term vibration on the board.
  7. The amplitude of the vibration determines the loudness of the sound.
  8. Aircraft manufacturers want to reduce vibration for the sake of safety.
  9. We know that prolonged exposure to vibration can weaken aircraft components.
  10. No vibration is caused by the vocal cords because they are not being put into action.
  11. And according to test riders the vibration, particularly at low revs, is less noticeable.
  12. I: chapter 6, the topic is introduced by a short discussion on molecular vibration spectroscopy.
  13. The shuttle trembled violently as it accelerated along the runway. With a lurch, the vibration ceased.
  14. For a long time he lay awake, feeling the vibration of Garvey's snores clear through the trembling planks.
  15. The optical paths are evacuated and the suspension systems are insulated against mechanical vibration by shock absorbers.
  16. We have seen how the vibration frequencies may be observed and how each may be allocated to a particular symmetry species.
  17. Ground-state vibration frequencies are obtained as shifts from the exciting frequency or from the vibrational origin of the electronic band.

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