Use of tremor in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tremor at the start of sentence, tremor at the end of sentence and tremor in the middle of sentence

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tremor at the end of sentence

  1. Is there a family history of tremor?
  2. He managed to make his short speech without a tremor.

tremor in the middle of sentence

  1. He felt a tremor in his arms.
  2. There was a tremor in her voice.
  3. A tremor ran through the audience.
  4. A tremor raced up and down my spine.
  5. Miguel felt a tremor run through him.
  6. He had caught the tremor in her voice.
  7. There was a slight tremor in his voice.
  8. There was a slight tremor in her voice.
  9. Shiona felt a tiny tremor of excitement.
  10. An uncontrollable tremor shook his mouth.
  11. She felt a tremor of fear run through her.
  12. The earth tremor made the mountains shake.
  13. The tremor was centred in the Gulf of Sirte.
  14. He couldn't control the tremor in his voice.
  15. The whiskey relieved the tremor in his hands.
  16. A slight earth tremor was felt in California.
  17. Her expression sent an icy tremor through him.
  18. The mere thought brought a tremor to her legs.
  19. This kind of tremor also occurs in anxious patients.
  20. She felt a tremor run down her back when she saw him.
  21. The tremor is markedly suppressed by alcoholic beverages.
  22. He felt a tiny tremor of excitement as he glimpsed the city lights.
  23. As soon as the tremor passed, many people spontaneously arose and cheered.
  24. Three neurological disorders are considered: tremor, dyskinesias and epilepsy.
  25. He tried to conceal his distress, but the tremor in his voice was unmistakable.
  26. The tremor was centered just south of San Francisco and was felt as far as 200 miles away.
  27. The tremor may resemble both essential and cerebellar tremor in that it is present more on tonic posturing and movements.

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