Use of torment in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include torment at the start of sentence, torment at the end of sentence and torment in the middle of sentence

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torment at the end of sentence

  1. Love is a sweet torment.
  2. He was a man in torment.
  3. His schooldays were a torment.
  4. The flies were a terrible torment.
  5. She lay awake all night in torment.
  6. She has suffered great mental torment.
  7. The sea wailed like a soul in torment.
  8. A string orchestra wailed as if in torment.
  9. The dog was howling like a soul in torment.

torment in the middle of sentence

  1. I will torment you no more .
  2. My older sister loved to torment me.
  3. What a little torment that child is!
  4. Did she torment him merely for sport?
  5. The tax forms were an annual torment to him.
  6. At times the memories returned to torment her.
  7. The journey must have been a torment for them.
  8. It was wicked of you to torment the poor girl.
  9. He has never suffered the torment of rejection.
  10. His shyness made public speaking a torment to him.
  11. Their torment is kept hidden, but rules their lives.
  12. The torment and heartache he suffers will be terrible.
  13. She suffered years of mental torment after her son's death.
  14. The older boys would torment him whenever they had the chance.
  15. My older brother and sister used to torment me by singing it to me.
  16. The torment of having her baby kidnapped is written all over her face.
  17. He spent the night in torment, trying to decide what was the best thing to do.
  18. The family said they had endured years of torment and abuse at the hands of the neighbours.

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