Use of tab in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tab at the start of sentence, tab at the end of sentence and tab in the middle of sentence

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tab at the end of sentence

  1. Can I put it on my tab?
  2. His response is to pick up their tab.
  3. You can open the can by pulling the tab.
  4. I took my friend to lunch and paid the tab.
  5. Make a file for these documents and write 'finance' on the tab.

tab in the middle of sentence

  1. Insert tab A into slot 1 .
  2. Our tab for the meal came to just $48.
  3. The tab for the meeting could be $3 000.
  4. One tab of Ecstasy costs at least £15.
  5. I paid the tab, and we made our way home.
  6. This moves the cursor back one tab stop. 6.
  7. Hang your coat up by the tab on the collar.
  8. He wouldn't pick up the tab for anyone else.
  9. He ran up a $4000 tab in long-distance calls.
  10. The bride's father paid the tab for the party.
  11. Taxpayers will pick up the tab for the stadium.
  12. Pollard picked up the tab for dinner that night.
  13. The company picked up the tab for his hotel room.
  14. I'll put it on your tab and you can pay tomorrow.
  15. The tab for the campaign was nearly $500 million.
  16. At least one estimate puts the total tab at $7 million.
  17. Use the tab key to indent the first line of the paragraph.
  18. A stupid medical clerk had slipped the wrong tab on his X-ray.
  19. Her father picked up the tab for all the champagne at the wedding.
  20. Often the tab can be locked on to a device at the center of the lid.
  21. Insert tab A into Slot A and glue, before standing the model upright.
  22. The tab for superhighways may run as high as 2 million dollars a kilometer.
  23. Why should the taxpayer pick up the tab for mistakes made by a private company?
  24. If you have marked further messages to inspect, you should now press the tab key.

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