Use of lozenge in Sentences. 22 Examples

The examples include lozenge at the start of sentence, lozenge at the end of sentence and lozenge in the middle of sentence

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lozenge at the start of sentence

  1. Lozenge - Honesty and constancy, also held to be a token of noble birth.
  2. Lozenge face frontal bone two side are narrower, zygomatic wider, cheekbone tubercle is outstanding, mandible bone caves, leave mental tip and grow.

lozenge at the end of sentence

  1. Surely Miss Dersingham's tapestry had shown the arms in a lozenge?
  2. These probabilities are noted alongside the exit from the lozenge.
  3. Elderberry is usually taken as a liquid (like cough syrup) or a lozenge.

lozenge in the middle of sentence

  1. A candy or lozenge flavored with this oil.
  2. She offered me a lozenge when the dust irritated my throat.
  3. It was April, and a lozenge of sunlight lay across his carpet.
  4. He covered my newest wound with a swab of alcohol and a lozenge of gauze.
  5. The oral shield is variable ranging from a lozenge to a flattened triangle.
  6. A heavy door swung open and a figure beckoned them into a warm lozenge of light.
  7. Objective : To study the contents of chlorogenic acid in LI YAN lozenge with HPLC.
  8. Bud film contract and leaf long , lozenge or wedge, have notch shape a tooth of anything.
  9. After dish helps float, the half cuts thin small lozenge piece, other part cuts short silk.
  10. The passage and chamber stones are also richly engraved with spiral, lozenge and zigzag motifs.
  11. Does the dimension C lozenge that the pharmaceutical factory that kids has does have side effect?
  12. This article improves the lozenge method to structure odd magic square and proves its improvement.
  13. It is improved from CRT 090. The special solid lubricant is imbedded into lozenge oil hole surface.
  14. Like ice for a burn or a lozenge for a cough, a cup of hot tea is an age-old balm for sniffles, sneezing and stuffiness.
  15. Contracted lozenge case dust coat has comfortable outline model, chatelaine department is plunged into show female curve.
  16. It penetrated a stained-glass window, spreading lozenge shapes of iridescent purple, yellow, red and blue on the tiled floor.
  17. Bupropion (Zyban) alone, or in combination with the nicotine lozenge, also did not increase cessation rates among patients with a history of anxiety disorders.

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