Use of square in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include square at the start of sentence, square at the end of sentence and square in the middle of sentence

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square at the end of sentence

  1. The rooms are all very square.
  2. The room is six metres square.
  3. There is a fair in the square.
  4. Only he still stood in the square.
  5. It was a good exchange, fair and square.
  6. There are numerous people in the square.
  7. Roll out the icing into a large square.
  8. There is a massive monument in the square.
  9. The village centered on its market square.
  10. The loudspeakers blared across the square.
  11. They walked among the crowds in Red square.
  12. Swarms of tourists jostled through the square.
  13. He made a rendezvous with her in Times square.
  14. The railway tube goes under the Tiananmen square.
  15. The demonstrators had gathered in the cathedral square.

square in the middle of sentence

  1. A square has four sides.
  2. He had a firm, square jaw.
  3. He has a strong square jaw.
  4. His ideas do not square with mine.
  5. His room is twenty square metres.
  6. The prices are given in square brackets.
  7. He laid the square table with a tablecloth.
  8. The book had rounded, not square, corners.
  9. The area of the office is 35 square metres.
  10. square up the books to make them look neat.
  11. A square has four corners; a cube has eight.
  12. The square was bedecked with flags and flowers.
  13. The area is approximately 100 square kilometers.
  14. Times square attracts more than 30 million visitors annually.

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