Use of sort in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include sort at the start of sentence, sort at the end of sentence and sort in the middle of sentence

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sort at the end of sentence

  1. He is of a clinging sort.
  2. Frank was a genuinely friendly sort.
  3. She never meant anything of the sort.

sort in the middle of sentence

  1. A hammer is a sort of tool.
  2. He's a reasonable sort of chap.
  3. He had a sort of reddish beard.
  4. What sort of shampoo do you use?
  5. Bamboo is a sort of hollow plant.
  6. This sort of work fag ged me out.
  7. We both like the same sort of music.
  8. What sort of music do you listen to?
  9. She is a very domestic sort of woman.
  10. Doesn't this sort of work fag you out?
  11. He was friendly in a funny sort of way.
  12. I don't much care for that sort of man.
  13. What sort of price did you want to pay?
  14. He seemed like a decent sort of a fellow.
  15. What sort of fuel do these machines need?
  16. She's a very jolly, upbeat sort of a person.
  17. He wasn't a very prepossessing sort of person.
  18. He had grown unused to this sort of attention.
  19. Wade was a hearty, bluff, athletic sort of guy.
  20. Entertainers of this sort are now a dying breed.
  21. The present conditions sort well with the workers.
  22. Furnishings of this sort are now highly fashionable.
  23. There were snacks-peanuts, olives, that sort of thing.
  24. What sort of substance could withstand those temperatures?

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