Use of slash in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include slash at the start of sentence, slash at the end of sentence and slash in the middle of sentence

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slash at the start of sentence

  1. Slash the tops of the loaves with a sharp serrated knife in a criss-cross pattern.

slash in the middle of sentence

  1. Boeing plans to slash 12, 000 jobs.
  2. Her mouth was a slash of red lipstick.
  3. The band then signed to slash Records.
  4. She imagined that slash through herself.
  5. Don't slash your horse in that cruel way.
  6. There was a vertical slash in the canvas.
  7. He's just nipped out to have a slash. .com
  8. We had to slash through the long grass to clear a path.
  9. The shop plans to slash fur prices after Spring Festival.
  10. We had to slash our way through the undergrowth with sticks.
  11. The gangster pulled a knife on me and tried to slash my face.
  12. Ben took a wild slash at the ball and luckily managed to hit it.
  13. And don't forget that plan of Portillo's to slash state spending.
  14. My new dress is pale blue, with a dark blue slash in the sleeves.
  15. Traditional slash and burn farming methods have exhausted the soil.
  16. You often write a slash between alternatives, for example, 'and/or'.
  17. Just before Christmas, the company said it would immediately slash 6, 000 jobs.
  18. Car makers could be forced to slash prices after being accused of overcharging yesterday.
  19. A slash from Siban's talons would have inflicted a wound which would have taken weeks to heal.
  20. Contrary to popular belief, rainforests are not jungles through which you have to slash a path.
  21. His tee shot ended up in the rough and from there he could only slash the ball 50 yards over the green.
  22. As irrational as it sounds, many companies hire new workers and then turn around and slash their payrolls.
  23. In the half-light I am awe-struck by the steel-grey slash through the dark landscape a few kilometres away.
  24. The foliage is handsome and the autumn colour is relatively long lasting, yellow and gold with the odd slash of red.
  25. International investors continued to switch their money out of sterling because they expect the Government to slash interest rates.
  26. The 42-year-old millionaire would slash interest rates to three percent and set up a board of go-ahead businessmen to help industry.
  27. If inventories get too bloated, manufacturers generally halt production and slash their work forces to stay more in line with demand.
  28. Holiday giant Thomson yesterday unveiled thousands of special deals which will slash up to £70 off the price of ski holidays from Thursday.

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