Use of strap in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include strap at the start of sentence, strap at the end of sentence and strap in the middle of sentence

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strap at the start of sentence

  1. Strap in, please,the plane's going to take off.

strap at the end of sentence

  1. I need a new watch strap.
  2. I got/was given the strap.
  3. He clipped on his safety strap.
  4. The camera was fitted with a strap.

strap in the middle of sentence

  1. Buckle the strap tighter.
  2. My camera strap has broken.
  3. The strap is genuine leather.
  4. The strap of my bag is broken.
  5. He looped the strap over his shoulder.
  6. Is the strap on this helmet adjustable?
  7. The rough strap galled the horse's skin.
  8. Nancy gripped the strap of her beach bag.
  9. Hang on to the strap. The bus is starting.
  10. His binoculars were on a strap round his neck.
  11. She had a wide leather strap around her wrist.
  12. Fasten the chin strap or the helmet will fall off.
  13. The shoe has a special strap to ensure correct fit.
  14. Could you help me fasten this strap around my suitcase?
  15. We can probably strap the cases to the roof of her car.
  16. She pulled the strap of her nightgown onto her shoulder.
  17. The strap has a fluorescent coating that glows in the dark.
  18. A strap fastens under the chin to keep the helmet in place.
  19. The strap had rubbed against his skin and caused irritation.
  20. Constant use had fretted the sandal strap to the breaking point.
  21. To keep the helmet in position, fasten the strap beneath the chin.
  22. She stared at the floor, idly playing with the strap of her handbag.
  23. Through the basement window I saw him strap on his pink cycling helmet.
  24. Climbers can strap sharp nails on to help get a foothold on a slippery slope.

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