Use of six in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include six at the start of sentence, six at the end of sentence and six in the middle of sentence

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six at the start of sentence

  1. Six of us crammed into Rob's Mini.
  2. Six bodies were recovered from the wreck.
  3. Six yards is commensurate with eighteen feet.

six at the end of sentence

  1. I don't knock off until six.
  2. The clock in the hall chimed six.
  3. Four subtracted from ten equals six.
  4. The meeting lasted from two o'clock to six.

six in the middle of sentence

  1. We met at six, as arranged.
  2. I woke up at six this morning.
  3. We only had six days of rehearsal.
  4. She has six convictions for theft.
  5. We waited till half past six for you.
  6. The committee is made up of six women.
  7. At six feet, he towers over his mother.
  8. There are six people in all in my family.
  9. It was ten past six by the kitchen clock.
  10. I've set my alarm clock for six tomorrow.
  11. We've got a German au pair for six months.
  12. He's ridden six winners so far this year .
  13. Draw a circle six centimetres in diameter.
  14. Doctors kept the baby alive for six weeks.
  15. The heating comes on at six in the morning.
  16. Please give me six pennies for this sixpence.
  17. The department deferred the decision for six months.
  18. You've been absent six times according to our records.
  19. The magazine has just published its six thousandth edition.
  20. The team consisted of six investigators and two secretaries.
  21. With practice, you should become proficient within six months.

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