Use of sextet in Sentences. 18 Examples

The examples include sextet at the start of sentence, sextet at the end of sentence and sextet in the middle of sentence

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sextet at the end of sentence

  1. The second of these also included Benny Goodman's sextet.
  2. The composer Steve Reich won the prize in music, for "Double sextet."
  3. The six electrons which occupy this cloud are called the aromatic sextet.
  4. The sex electrons which occupy this trous - shaped cloud are called the aromatic sextet.
  5. This montage involved a combination of movement which progressed from a short solo performance to interweaving by the sextet.

sextet in the middle of sentence

  1. Finally, a brass sextet delivers Boehme in the Hotel Congress lobby.
  2. Can a sextet from Manhattan make it big by going that far off the beaten wall?
  3. A bid to keep the sextet of countries involved in the talks from backing off tougher sanctions?
  4. The series also features a performance by an expanded string ensemble of Brahms' sextet in B flat.
  5. Nobody outside the charmed world of this sextet had dinner parties, or even lives worth talking about.
  6. A band, large or small, that stays together plays better jazz together, and Rollins' sextet proves it.
  7. Abrams uses the personnel in trio, quartet, quintet and sextet formation, in a series of compelling performances.
  8. After recording two now-unavailable Hieroglyphics Ensemble albums in the 1990s, Apfelbaum formed a sextet in 7995.
  9. But Wigan have signed top-quality replacements with a sextet of internationals bolstering Endacott's impressive-looking squad.
  10. There are two identical sextets in Double sextet. Each one is comprised of flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello.
  11. Besides these, the present calculations indicate that the epoxidation of ethylene is slightly endothermic or exothermic in sextet and quartet states, respectively.
  12. Most grating of all is the overuse of acappella sextet Take 6, whose soulless in-studio "perfection" easily qualifies them as one of the most annoying groups on the planet.
  13. Preludes discusses the journeys of the companions prior to the War of the Lance (the 5 years before Chronicles), and the Meetings sextet explores the youth of the companions.

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