Use of shatter in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include shatter at the start of sentence, shatter at the end of sentence and shatter in the middle of sentence

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shatter at the end of sentence

  1. What he said made her shatter.
  2. The heat of the water caused the glass to shatter.
  3. Don't try to drive nails into the bricks, they may shatter.
  4. The window is made from very strong glass - it won't shatter.
  5. The bowl of Rostov's was so delicate that he felt that if he closed his hand too suddenly it would shatter.

shatter in the middle of sentence

  1. She would shatter the Bug's eardrum.
  2. 'I hate to shatter your illusions,' he said.
  3. A failure would shatter the hopes of many people.
  4. Let us not shatter that illusion for a week or so.
  5. He sincerely believed that he would shatter like glass.
  6. This type of glass won't shatter no matter how hard you hit it.
  7. Conversely, impacts will also shatter rocks into small fragments.
  8. Residents say that the new development would shatter the peace of their area.
  9. A dropped pin would shatter the silence in bars during televised lottery draws.
  10. She heard teeth shatter under the impact, saw one of them driven through his top lip.
  11. Maybe the stilettos are designed to shatter the glass ceiling, or at least to scratch it.
  12. The room was unnaturally still about her, but the stillness might shatter at any second.
  13. A flick of a switch and the flashing blue lights and two-tone horns shatter the relative peace of the night.
  14. It would shatter the illusion he was trying to create of having a unique grasp of this new warrant business.
  15. If governments really want to shatter the world economy, January 1991 would be an unusually good time to start.
  16. When these materials are cooled below their glass transition they become brittle and shatter easily with a blow.
  17. But shortly before this there occurred an event the consequences of which were to shatter the peace of Aquitaine.
  18. Under the Maccabeans they withstood the attempts of Antiochus to overcome their country and shatter their religion.
  19. It could only make for bad blood between the Li clan and himself and shatter the age-old ties between their families.
  20. Spring walked along with the shatter, in the summer threw over a body's green leaf to jump in the warm braw is walking.
  21. And when he speaks to you,believe in him,though his voice may shatter your dream as the north wind lays waste the garden.
  22. He was going to close down about half the stations, centralize operations, shatter the old ward boundaries of police districts.
  23. Common Cause said the participation of the reform-minded lawmakers would shatter their vow to change the way business is done in Washington.

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