Use of schedule in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include schedule at the start of sentence, schedule at the end of sentence and schedule in the middle of sentence

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schedule at the end of sentence

  1. Let me check my schedule.
  2. Filming began on schedule .
  3. Let me confirm my schedule.
  4. Let me look over my schedule.
  5. She has a very demanding schedule.
  6. We're working to a tight schedule .
  7. The plane's departure is on schedule.
  8. He has been forced to adjust his schedule.
  9. Everything is going according to schedule.
  10. There may be some minor changes to the schedule.
  11. We are trying desperately to keep to our schedule.
  12. The tunnel project has already fallen behind schedule.
  13. The script was delivered to the director ahead of schedule.
  14. The new bridge has been finished two years ahead of schedule.
  15. The majority of holiday flights depart and arrive on schedule.
  16. It is the mother who is expected to reorganize her busy schedule.
  17. The drafting committee worked through the night in a vain attempt to finish on schedule.

schedule in the middle of sentence

  1. The schedule left no margin for error.
  2. My schedule for next week is very tight.
  3. I have a hectic schedule for the next few days.
  4. His punishing work schedule had made him resort to drugs.
  5. The next thing on our schedule is to telephone our friends.
  6. Our schedule went completely off the rails during the strike.
  7. The secretary is trying to schedule the month's appointments.
  8. Currently she has a punishing schedule of five presentations a day.
  9. She has overloaded her schedule with work, study, and family responsibilities.
  10. He had complained of exhaustion after his gruelling schedule over the past week.
  11. His work schedule still includes speaking engagements and other public appearances.
  12. See if you can rework your schedule and come up with practical ways to reduce the number of hours you're on call.

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