Use of docket in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include docket at the start of sentence, docket at the end of sentence and docket in the middle of sentence

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docket at the end of sentence

  1. The clerk asked me to sign the docket.
  2. But the paper proved to be a delivery docket.
  3. The Court has about 1,400 appeals on its docket.
  4. We have a uh, rather long list on the consent docket.
  5. The N . B . A . has extended its influence to Asia, and India is next on its ambitious docket.
  6. John McCain, R-Ariz., co-sponsor of the most prominent reform proposal on the congressional docket.
  7. Article 87 A maritime court trying a case involving collision of ships shall conclude the case within one year after placing the case on the docket.

docket in the middle of sentence

  1. So what's on the docket for today's meeting?
  2. What's on the docket for tomorrow's meeting?
  3. Anna Nicole Smith is on the docket in two courtrooms.
  5. Two of the most important items on the docket are closely related.
  6. Operator: Okay. Do you have the docket number on your traffic ticket?
  7. The court's docket of civil rights cases is light compared to last year's.
  8. You will also receive a docket Number, or reference number for your suit.
  9. They were arrested later that day and officials unsealed the court docket on Monday.
  10. The docket items related to that public meeting and the subsequent comments are listed below.
  11. With Industrial Production, Capacity Utilization and Consumer confidence on the docket, the market full.
  12. There, they would check it off and whoosh it back to you with the customer's change and the docket stamped.
  13. Unfortunately, departmental finding aids, such as docket books, have often not been preserved in central archives.
  14. Your health and taking care of your daily routine which should help renovate your health will be on the docket this month.
  15. Global relationships, study, and travel are certainly on the docket, and as said, this is a trend that is just cranking up.
  16. Plus, it helps that cities always tend to have more transportation projects on the docket, keeping down the stress of job loss.
  17. I like to keep two task lists, one for ongoing things that need to be handled at some point and one for what's on the docket today.
  18. Later in the US, Unemployment Claims will be the data to watch followed by a slew of minor Japanese data on the docket for tomorrow in Asia.
  19. On the docket are explorations of high-temperature resistance, advancements in infusion systems, fire-resistant applications and improvements in mechanical properties.
  20. After all these serious home and career decisions on the docket, you will need a little fun. The universe understands and will bring you a number of enchanting evenings.

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