Use of receipts in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include receipts at the start of sentence, receipts at the end of sentence and receipts in the middle of sentence

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receipts at the end of sentence

  1. He was tallying the day's receipts.
  2. The teller is adding up her receipts.
  3. The cashier is adding up her receipts.
  4. Can you make me a copy of those receipts?
  5. Letters, membership cards, bills, receipts.
  6. She makes a point of keeping all her shopping receipts.
  7. How do you explain the apparent discrepancies between the money and the receipts?
  8. They never did so; it was not, they said, police practice to issue such receipts.
  9. Cash income is calculated by subtracting total trading income from total receipts.
  10. At this point, the accountant did a runner — with all my bank statements, expenses and receipts.

receipts in the middle of sentence

  1. Cash receipts reached £70 million.
  2. Make sure you get receipts for everything.
  3. Check your receipts against the statement.
  4. The receipts have increased since last year.
  5. Customs and excise receipts rose 2.5 per cent.
  6. Box-office receipts have exceeded expectations.
  7. Match receipts and season tickets brought in 5.7m.
  8. Tax receipts were $123 million lower than expected.
  9. Yellowing receipts had been impaled on a metal spike.
  10. Corporation tax receipts were also below last year's.
  11. The theatre's receipts for the winter were badly down.
  12. Box office receipts for the film have hit $50 million.
  13. Some of the receipts had been for the purchase of cars.
  14. Even membership subscriptions and gate receipts held up.
  15. I kept copies of my expense receipts, just to cover myself.
  16. Match receipts slumped by £89 000 compared to last season.
  17. Keep your credit card receipts until your statement arrives.
  18. The box-office receipts fell short of the manager's expectations.
  19. Sort out all your bills, receipts, invoices and expenses as quickly as possible and keep detailed accounts.

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