Use of pure in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include pure at the start of sentence, pure at the end of sentence and pure in the middle of sentence

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pure at the end of sentence

  1. Our beef patties are 100% pure .
  2. The mountain air was wonderfully pure.
  3. The water in mountain rivers is usually pure.

pure in the middle of sentence

  1. Her dancing is pure poetry.
  2. This is pure drinking water.
  3. He did it out of pure kindness.
  4. The room was painted pure white.
  5. These shirts are 100% pure cotton.
  6. What she said was pure conjecture .
  7. So much of what's on TV is pure dross.
  8. She has pure gypsy blood in her veins.
  9. The shooting was in pure self-defense.
  10. I warrant that this cloth is pure wool.
  11. These adventure films are pure escapism.
  12. He was wearing a suit made from pure silk.
  13. The horse was almost pure white in colour.
  14. His version of events is pure supposition .
  15. Most of what they told us was pure fantasy.
  16. Mathematics is the science of pure quantity.
  17. This is a romantic ballad that is pure corn.
  18. We must not condemn her on pure supposition.
  19. This jar of pure honey weighs 350 grams net.
  20. His version of the events is pure supposition.
  21. His attack on the government was pure vitriol.
  22. They have isolated the bacterium in its pure form.
  23. The benefits from pure research are often indirect.

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