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The examples include phrase at the start of sentence, phrase at the end of sentence and phrase in the middle of sentence

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phrase at the end of sentence

  1. That was a picturesque phrase.
  2. It's difficult to tick off in a phrase.
  3. Tasting is believing, to coin a phrase! .

phrase in the middle of sentence

  1. We bought a Danish phrase book.
  2. That phrase has come into usage.
  3. I was, to coin a phrase, gobsmacked!
  4. We came across a new phrase in the text.
  5. The phrase has become almost meaningless.
  6. That's exactly the phrase I was looking for.
  7. The phrase 'a hard frost' is a collocation.
  8. His every phrase is salted with personality.
  9. She used the phrase 'survival of the fittest'.
  10. Polly tried to think how to phrase the question.
  11. He hashed a phrase in order to colour the sentence.
  12. Every phrase in this poem is pregnant with meaning.
  13. This phrase can be loosely translated as 'Go away'.
  14. The phrase is common diplomatic parlance for spying.
  15. A phrase jumped out at me in a piece about copyright.
  16. The phrase 'glass ceiling' is a fairly recent coinage.
  17. They phrase in new machinery for increased automation.
  18. The phrase was caught on and immediately became popular.
  19. This phrase is repeated at intervals throughout the song.
  20. At the end of this phrase, the music modulates from C to G.
  21. This phrase is labelled as an Americanism in this dictionary.
  22. She was, in her own favourite phrase, 'a woman without a past'.
  23. "Start slowly" is the key phrase for the first-time marathon runner.
  24. In the phrase 'she smiled cheerfully', the word 'cheerfully' is an adverb.
  25. We are governed, in Lord Hailsham's famous phrase, by an 'elective dictatorship'.
  26. In the phrase 'a hard frost', 'hard' is a collocation of 'frost' and 'strong' would not sound natural.

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