Use of pennant in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include pennant at the start of sentence, pennant at the end of sentence and pennant in the middle of sentence

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pennant at the start of sentence

  1. Pennant has joined Spanish club Real Zaragoza after being released by Liverpool earlier this summer.

pennant at the end of sentence

  1. It revived their hope of winning the pennant.
  2. The second car was flying the Ghanaian pennant.
  3. The Dodgers defeated the Mets 60 to win the pennant.
  4. Divisional winners meet in the final to decide the pennant.
  5. The revitalized team came from the cellar to win the pennant.
  6. The only big names on show for the visitors were Steve Finnan, Mohamed Sissoko, Alvaro Arbeloa and Jermaine pennant.

pennant in the middle of sentence

  1. Jermaine pennant : I'm over the moon.
  2. It was the Reds' first pennant since 1976.
  3. We saw an answering pennant flown at the dip.
  4. Mack led the A's to their first pennant in 1902.
  5. Since then, pennant continue to prove that his threat.
  6. The Red Sox lost the pennant to Detroit by a single game.
  7. Red ammunition aims for red pennant and yellow for yellow.
  8. A liver version of their personalised pennant is pictured above.
  9. One of the dinner guests found pennant, the travel writer, superficial.
  10. And on the pennant, perfectly clear, the single letter: W, for Winslow.
  11. I already paste the Olympic Games symbol and the meeting pennant design in top.
  12. I was hiding, working my way round to the Orchard to try for the pennant in there.
  13. Rivera had a chance to play major league ball last year, and in a pennant race yet.
  14. The best squadron in each wing won a yellow pennant on a pole that utterly worthless.
  15. After hearing her story, Brochwel gave her the lands at pennant as a permanent refuge.
  16. Liverpool have had a £6 million offer for Jermaine pennant accepted by Birmingham City.
  17. Arsenal midfielder Jermaine pennant has extended loan period with club Leeds United for a further month.
  18. He under-estimated his side's dominance by two years, as Surrey held the champions' pennant from 1952-58.
  19. Attached to the sack was a length of pennant rigging, which he left adrift within reach of the opening chute.
  20. Across in front of them cruised a long black Cadillac bearing the fluttering pennant of the Stars and Stripes.
  21. Many predicted that pennant would be rewarded for his form with a call-up to Steve McClaren's squad for the forthcoming matches with Brazil and Estonia.
  22. Stoke equalised from a well-flighted Jermaine pennant free-kick that Gordon should have cleared, but he hesitated, Carew got to the ball first, and Huth forced the ball over the line.

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