Use of streamer in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include streamer at the start of sentence, streamer at the end of sentence and streamer in the middle of sentence

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streamer at the start of sentence

  1. Streamers flew through the air, revellers contorted to the music.
  2. Streamer all the sweat and exhausted all to stop Do not let the body.

streamer at the end of sentence

  1. Known micro - known Chang, Tak streamer.
  2. It is prudent to flag them with a red streamer.
  3. We were cutting off from each other, streamer by streamer.

streamer in the middle of sentence

  1. Would you like a streamer and amplifier?
  2. The room was decorated with balloons and streamers.
  3. Retrieves an image list streamer for persisting images.
  4. The streamer has been captured in running the blockade.
  5. The hotel lobby was a fantasia of streamers and lanterns.
  6. That, with a velvet ribbon and little streamers at the back.
  7. They put up streamers and got hats and baked a couple of cakes.
  8. We decorated the office with streamers for Paul's leaving party.
  9. We tied balloons and streamers to the ceiling ready for the party.
  10. They did the room out with balloons and streamers ready for the party.
  11. When towing a streamer a seismic ship must avoid stopping, making sharp turns.
  12. Paper streamers like coiled fuses were scattered between the plates and wine bottles.
  13. I took the subway home at two in the morning, the car littered with beer cans and streamers.
  14. The male has two long tail streamers, and females prefer the males with the longest streamers.
  15. My parents and Joan were on the crowded pavement near an ice-cream cart and a streamer seller.
  16. Readily distinguished by rufous-buff rump and chestnut nape; no white spots in tail streamers.
  17. All day Richard and Hudson had been dressing the flat with tinsel, holly, mistletoe and streamers.
  18. Above them, tied to a thorn tree, faded red and white streamers dangle like the tattered carcasses of scrawny birds.
  19. Aurorae appear as streamers or curtains, varying in colour from whitish-green to deep red, often changing minute by minute.
  20. A volunteer from Project Open Hand was standing in their doorway holding a large box decorated with streamers and balloons.
  21. Next, long white streamers tied into an intricate pattern in the centre were handed to various women standing in the circle.
  22. The reconnection is very similar to that described above for the helmet streamer, although time and size scales are smaller.
  23. Make several passes through the lie with an unweighted streamer then add enough shot so that the fly starts scraping bottom.
  24. Patchy seasons are often followed by bumpers. During summer and autumn dace are often located in shallower runs between streamers.

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