Use of patio in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include patio at the start of sentence, patio at the end of sentence and patio in the middle of sentence

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patio at the end of sentence

  1. Let's have lunch out on the patio .
  2. Will you sweep the leaves off the patio?
  3. Both have shower, kitchenette and patio.
  4. The builders really botched up our patio.
  5. A wrought-iron bench was bolted to the patio.
  6. In the summer we have breakfast out on the patio.
  7. You can grow dwarf conifers in pots on the patio.
  8. Weeds had started poking through the cracks in the patio.
  9. Another door slammed, footsteps sounded on the cement patio.
  10. We often get complimentary remarks regarding the cleanliness of our patio.
  11. Sometimes we went to the beach and at other times we sunbathed on the patio.

patio in the middle of sentence

  1. Don't forget patio doors either.
  2. The patio was made of stone slabs.
  3. I moved along to the patio window.
  4. The Mersey nights at the patio windows.
  5. The patio doors give onto a small courtyard.
  6. They had a barbecue on their patio on Sunday.
  7. If you have patio doors, get specialist advice.
  8. We sat on the patio enjoying the autumn sunshine.
  9. Outside was a stone patio with tubs of flowering plants.
  10. This is the patio, so - called it's really just the back yard.
  11. The patio gave an unimpeded view across the headland to the sea.
  12. Our book lays down the ground rules for building a patio successfully.
  13. Dan informed her that he would be out back on the patio cleaning his shoes.
  14. His two-story brick home was graced with a patio and surrounded by tall, leafy trees.
  15. The patio gets a southern exposure, and a pergola shades about 75 percent of the midday sun.
  16. I then added the pink and cream roses, as well as some wild and some cultivated patio roses.
  17. As for the patio surface, remember that pale colours reflect light and can be dazzling in the sun.
  18. The entrance is a brief concrete patio with three smelly skips about four feet high and full of rubbish.

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