Use of nudge in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include nudge at the start of sentence, nudge at the end of sentence and nudge in the middle of sentence

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nudge at the end of sentence

  1. Hannah gave me a gentle nudge .
  2. Nicky roused her with a gentle nudge.
  3. McKinnon gave the wheel another slight nudge.
  4. I tiptoe over to her bed and give her a nudge.
  5. She slipped her arm under his and gave him a nudge.
  6. I had a feeling that the challenge appealed to him. All he needed was a nudge.

nudge in the middle of sentence

  1. But he didn't nudge him.
  2. She gave me a nudge in the ribs.
  3. I gave him a nudge to wake him up.
  4. Oil prices continue to nudge higher.
  5. She tried to nudge him into changing his mind .
  6. People began to nudge the couple into going away.
  7. He can work hard but he needs a nudge now and then.
  8. We have to nudge politicians in the right direction.
  9. I started to nudge my way to the front of the crowd.
  10. Hold, nudge, spin, kick, shuffle, double, win, lose.
  11. We're trying to nudge them towards a practical solution.
  12. She gave me a gentle nudge in the ribs to tell me to shut up.
  13. This afternoon's sunshine could nudge the temperature above freezing.
  14. They've been spending a lot of time together, nudge nudge , wink wink.
  15. One way to nudge nature along is to provide a protected environment for trees.
  16. Foreigners must use their power to nudge the country towards greater tolerance.
  17. They were satisfied to learn, to come up with new ideas, and to nudge the field forward.
  18. The announcement is a gentle nudge to developers to move over to the new version of Solaris.
  19. The first time we nudge our child to write, we may suggest she add a signature to her artwork.
  20. The shuttle also will nudge the observatory into a slightly higher orbit to extend its lifetime.
  21. The shuttle also will nudge the observatory gently into a slighter higher orbit to extend its lifetime.
  22. They dig mud from the banks and nudge that into the construction to bind the sticks, leaves and boulders together.
  23. But Ember contrived to nudge her reassuringly and a gravity-shift bounced her high and maybe it was all possible after all.

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