Use of jolt in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include jolt at the start of sentence, jolt at the end of sentence and jolt in the middle of sentence

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jolt at the end of sentence

  1. Henry sat up with a jolt.
  2. The truck started with a jolt.
  3. The train started with a jolt.
  4. The train stopped with a sudden jolt.
  5. My mother's death gave me a severe jolt.
  6. The world economy was given a deflationary jolt.
  7. The oil crisis has given the government quite a jolt .
  8. The campaign came at a time when America needed such a jolt.
  9. The news of the accident gave her an unpleasant jolt / quite a jolt.

jolt in the middle of sentence

  1. Time began with a jolt, their time.
  2. The sudden jolt plunged her forward.
  3. They gave him this little jolt of fun.
  4. The jolt caused her glasses to fly off.
  5. Melanie experienced a jolt of surprise.
  6. Henry sat up with a jolt and stared round.
  7. His dismissal was a severe jolt to his pride.
  8. The blow sent a jolt of pain through his body.
  9. The jolt seemed to jar every bone in her body.
  10. A violent explosion seemed to jolt the whole ground.
  11. Her sharp words seemed to jolt him out of his depression.
  12. She received such a jolt that she nearly dropped her cup.
  13. People felt the first jolt of the earthquake at about 8 a.m.
  14. We were worried that one tiny jolt could worsen her injuries.
  15. Her fingers tightened convulsively with every jolt she received.
  16. I woke up with a jolt as I thought I heard my bedroom door being pushed open.
  17. His self-confidence took a sudden jolt with the news that he had not been selected.
  18. They were working frantically in the fear that an aftershock would jolt the house again.
  19. It gave him a nasty jolt, for a moment thinking it the very same dagger used to kill Lord Westbourne.
  20. With a jolt of self-knowledge Caroline registered the same feeling of dismay as at that cool withdrawal after their picnic.

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